House System

The students of the school are assigned to four different houses which are named after trees on the Greenfields school campus.

Gulmohar (Red House)

The Gulmohar, also called the flame of the forest, is known for its bright red flowers that look like a fiery blaze. Thus, Gulmohar house represents a blazing passion for excellence.

Palm(Green House)

There are over 2500 species of palm trees found from the deserts to the rainforests all over the world. Palm house represents unity in diversity.

Laburnum(Yellow House)

The Laburnum tree is also known as the gold chain tree because of its yellow gold like flowers. It looks fairly ordinary through the year and flowers only for two weeks in the spring, but when it flowers, it is one of the most beautiful trees, which is why it is grown ornamentally. Laburnum house represents patience and perseverance.

Magnolia(Blue House)

Magnolia is an ancient genus going back millions of years ago. It is believed that the flowers of the Magnolia tree have evolved to encourage pollination by beetles and bees. To avoid damage from pollinating bees and beetles, the carpels of the flower are extremely tough. The Magnolia house represents strength and reliability.

A number of the activities in the school are held house wise and the students can score points through the year to contribute to their house. A running trophy is awarded to the winning house each year. The school encourages healthy competition as it helps in character building and goal achievement.