The infrastructure aids the school in imparting quality education by making the learning process for the students easier and more interesting. Greenfields school has been working towards providing modern and up to date classes, laboratories, computer rooms, etc.



Computer Lab

In order to reinforce the spirit of learning and prepare students for global careers, the school has computer labs which are fully equipped with multimedia machines to provide the most advanced computer-aided education from nursery upwards.

Bio Lab

Chemistry Lab

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest and hi-tech equipment. The Labs function as R&D centers in the school where teachers and students enjoy the freedom to observe, experiment, analyze and create. With guidance from the staff, they discuss and exchange different approaches to conducting the practical classes, adopt experimental modes of learning and occasionally enjoy lighter moments during practical sessions. The availability of well stacked and labeled chemicals and assortment of equipment help the students to increase their scientific know-how in a fun filled way with a practical approach.

Physics Lab


We have approximately 3000 books in our library;our reference books contain information in the form of compilations and compendiums of various disciplines of knowledge. The variety of reference books includes classic literature, fiction,dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, almanacs, directories, gazettes and atlases etc.


Physical education and competitive sports are important facets of school life that promote fitness, cooperation, sportsmanship and school spirit. Greenfields School can boast of a large playfield, with popular sports like football, basketball and cricket being pursued by the student. The school promotes yoga to enable students to learn how to deal with stress, lack of concentration and empower them to become strong in body and mind.

Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are extremely important towards the holisticdevelopment of our children. The activities are not mere sources of recreation, but reinforce leadership, cooperation, team spirit, unity, determination, self-esteem and confidence in the students- values that are indispensable and indomitable for our citizens of tomorrow.